Get A Good Signal & Enter The Temperature

Same as manufacturer #1, except you now enter the temperature.

Next step, you need to get a good signal. Put some goop on the head of the bolt. 

You can use any fluid that acts as a couplant between the bolt's head and the transducer. Ultrasonic pulses will not transmit through the air gap, so displace the air with a coupling fluid that will transmit pulses.

Place your ultrasonic transducer onto your bolt's head. Move the transducer until you get a good signal. Manufacturer #1 is using a magnetic transducer so there will not be any movement of the transducer during bolt tensioning.

Manufacturer #1 will tighten the bolt from the nut end. Therefore the transducer can be left undisturbed during bolt tensioning.

This transducer is the dark blue rectangle with the black electrical cable. The other end of this cable is plugged into the SureBolt BNC connector. We recommend using a magnetic transducer for consistent results.

Enter temperature. Get a good signal. Move pointer. Then press this large yellow button.

The top graph is just a zoomed in look at where the flashing green/red pointer is looking. 



See below for each of the NEW screens in this example (only those screens that require you to do something different than manufacturer #1). You can jump to any screen you want, but we recommend going back to manufacturer #2's navigation page.

Up Bolt Coefficient Attach Transducer & Get A Good Signal Record Tensions, M2 Add Data Month Later...




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