Excel Report. 
See What SureBolt Recorded.

See recorded tensions, echoes, and spare values. See your field notes.


Also, see all the other parameters that SureBolt keeps track of. This way, if there is any doubt, you can prove to the safety department, that you used SureBolt correctly. 

SureBolt also records signal strength, pointer's echo location, grip length, bolt length, stretch coefficient, temperature coefficient, date, time, ... etc.


See all the parameters that SureBolt automatically records.

There are more screens and more options. You only need to use the features your application requires. 

Example: One of the other playback screens lets you graph any recorded value (tension, delta usec, temperature, spare parameter) on either the X axis or the Y axis. 

Then SureBolt computes the linear slope of the X axis variable versus the Y Axis variable. This gives you an easy way to measure the calibration parameters for your bolt. 

Remember, if you want to fully customize a report with your own special formats, just read the data file in Microsoft Excel, and customize any way you want. Microsoft Excel comes installed on the SureBolt PC.   

So lets go back to the examples ...


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See below for each of the screens in this example. You can jump to any screen you want, but we recommend using the Previous Step or Next Step links above.

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 No more guessing as to which "one point" is the right point.


The FIRST whole echo method (patented DSP Technique).

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