Enter Your Bolt's Ultrasonic Stretch Coefficient AND Temperature Coefficient


Stretch & Temperature Coefficients: The manufacturer has already determined these values for this type of bolt. 

They experimentally measured a 0.100 usec delay when this type of bolt (at this grip length) had 2856 lbs of tension. Then they calculated this coefficient by dividing 2856 by 0.100 = 28560 Lbs / usec. They used SureBolt to do this.

Manufacturer #2 also experimentally measured the bolt's ultrasonic change due to temperature change. This was also accomplished by using SureBolt and a standard temperature meter: Here are their steps:


They put this type of bolt into ice water, waited, and recorded the echo when the bolt was at 0.0 deg C. They entered this 0.0 deg C temperature on the SureBolt real-time screen.


Then they put the bolt (without moving the ultrasonic transducer for best accuracy) into hot water, and watched the SureBolt graph (tension vs. time) screen. When the value had leveled off, they read the temperature from their standard meter, entered the value (35.3 deg C), and recorded the echo. Notice how SureBolt's real-time graphing, of tension vs. time, lets you know when the bolt temperature has equalized.


Then in SureBolt's playback screen, they plotted usec change on the Y axis, and deg C on the X axis. SureBolt then calculated the slope to be 0.0069 usec/deg C. They verified this by knowing that the echo delayed 0.2436 usec for the 35.3 deg C increase in temperature. 0.2436 / 35.3 = .0069 usec / deg C



Tension stretch coefficient here.      Temperature coefficient here.


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So now you want to actually record tensions...

See below for each of the NEW screens in this example (only those screens that require you to do something different than manufacturer #1). You can jump to any screen you want, but we recommend going back to manufacturer #2's navigation page.

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