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Prices and Part Numbers


Key Benefits

bulletImproved reliability, far easier user interface, and more accuracy.

bulletSee comparison page for more advantages.

bulletFull portable laptop PC. See Panasonic www site (Panasonic Toughbook Model 72, non-wireless configuration). For comparison, go to the competition's websites or catalogs.

bullet1 year limited warranty included.

bulletShort term lease plans with option to buy available.



SureBolt - Patented Whole Echo Method  All Other Bolt Gages are One-Point Bolt Gages
Price: Regular price: $22,000 including $3000 Panasonic Toughbook Model 72, 1 year guarantee, Microsoft Office, full size keyboard, floppy, CD, familiar operating system, and much more. Short term lease plans available. DEMO units (if available) $18,500.
Press to get full size (61kB++) picture. (These are US prices. Prices to other countries are higher and vary depending on taxes, regulations, and distributors.) Toughbook_SureBolt.gif (24563 bytes)  
Panasonic Toughbook Model 72 configuration.
Prices: $15,000 to $27,000. (but two units as low as $12000 to $15000). Peak-jumping errors, reliability problems. Black & white 5 inch display, cryptic keys, cryptic operating system, less reliable, no floppy, no CD, and much much less.
Whole Echo patented technology greatly increases reliability by using the patented whole echo method. All other bolt gages use just "One Point", that leaves you susceptible to peak jumping. 

We are not implying that SureBolt is the perfect tension measuring device. The perfect device has not been invented yet. SureBolt is the most reliable nondestructive method we know of to date. SureBolt is a dramatic improvement over all other bolt gages. SureBolt works on weaker signals and even uses lower ultrasonic frequencies to improve signal strength. 

No hidden information. You see it all and record it all.

Bolt gages have been around for over 20 years. Their "Peak Jumping" problems have kept them from being widely used. When your bolted joint fails or flange leaks, then you find out your bolt gage may have jumped peaks. 

With a lot of training and laboratory testing, NASA has used bolt gages for years. NASA physically takes Polaroid pictures of the echoes before and after tensioning. Then they use their trained human experience to determine if the echo has distorted "too-much". Even after all this, they have to throw away approximately one third of the measurements because they are not reliable. When NASA used the SureBolt prototype, no measurements had to be thrown away.

Hidden information. Only records "One Point".

When something goes wrong, what caused it? Prove to safety that you took a reliable tension reading. If the bolt breaks or comes loose, you have proof that your tension data was based on a non-distorted, or distorted echo. Therefore easier to investigate what really caused the problem.  Cannot prove to safety or your boss. If the bolt breaks, it may have been a good or distorted echo, but you have no way of proving it. Therefore harder to investigate errors.
Vastly easier and more reliable. Have never been widely used because of 3 factors: 
1. peak-jumping (reliability problem)
2. more training and experience required
3. harder to use.


Note: $15,000 to $30,000 is a lot to spend for an instrument. Make sure it will work on more bolts, be more reliable, and also be easier to use. You can even send us your critical bolts to make sure.

Description ARVC P/N Price
SureBolt, Version 2.0.1, Panasonic Toughbook - 1 yr warranty, 13.3" XGA Color Touchscreen, ..., etc. SB.v2.0.1 $22,000
Short term lease plans with option to buy available.  Call Minimum 3 month lease at $2000 per month. Call for options (800) 732-7832
Demo unit (if available) with full warrantee. Includes Toughbook laptop and latest SureBolt version. Call $18,500

Short term lease plans let you make sure the unit is best for you, before you buy. Save on taxes: Many businesses can write off the cost of a unit in one year if they lease instead of buy. One lease example: you could lease SureBolt for 90 days, and before the first 30 days you exercise your option to buy, your whole lease cost will be 100% applied toward the final purchase price. Call for options. (800) 732-7832 

Contact Information

We do NOT give out our client addresses to anyone, for any price.

Let us know how we can be of service to you. We will be glad to discuss your custom bolting application with you. If SureBolt is applicable, we will discuss with you the exact approach to get the most accurate and reliable tension measurements.

You will NOT be contacted by a salesman. Only an experienced application engineer. We want to understand all the applications where SureBolt can be useful. Therefore, one of our SureBolt design engineers will call you (if that is what you suggest in your comments), or email you an answer to your questions. Only give us the information you want us to have. 

There are no required fields that you have to fill in. We just want to understand your application and help if we can.         Hit Counter since 2-18-02

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Let us know how we can help you.

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Note: Privacy. We will NOT give your contact information to anyone.

 No more guessing as to which "one point" is the right point.


The FIRST whole echo method (patented DSP Technique).

SureBolt picture

Built into a 
Panasonic Toughbook

Weather proof keyboard.

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