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Calibration Services Available

through North American Bolting Service (780-983-1858)


Verify that your bolts will work with SureBoltTM. Call North American Bolting Service. 

Contact them by filling in the form below.
They will NOT give out these client addresses to anyone, for any price.

Let them know how they can be of service to you. They will be glad to discuss your custom bolting application with you. If SureBolt is applicable, they will discuss with you the exact approach to get the most accurate and reliable tension measurements.

You will NOT be contacted by a salesman. Only an experienced application engineer. They want to understand all the applications where SureBolt can be useful. Therefore, one of their boltgage engineers will call you (if that is what you suggest in your comments), or email you an answer to your questions.  

There are no required fields that you have to fill in. We just want to understand your application and help if we can.

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Let us know how we can help you.

(800) 732-7832
Postal address
1022 Antelope Trail, Winter Springs, FL 32708, USA

Send your email to with questions or  comments about how we can help. Contact us here, or type in the email address shown above (Due to spam, we have replaced the text email address, with the image email address shown above).

Note: Privacy. We will NOT give your contact information to anyone.

 No more guessing as to which "one point" is the right point.


The FIRST whole echo method (patented DSP Technique).

SureBolt picture

Built into a 
Panasonic Toughbook

Weather proof keyboard.

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